Brenda Priddy & Company


" Brenda Priddy's gutsy, close-in spy photos make manufacturers cringe, competitors salivate and her children into willing accomplices." 

                            - Sports Car International

Brenda Priddy and Company LLC specializes in Industrial Automotive Spy Photography in the United States and around the world. Brenda Priddy has earned a reputation as one of the world's top automotive "spy" photographers. Her undercover exclusives are a regular feature of, and many other popular websites.


Her client list also includes such publications as AutoWeek, Car & Driver, Road and Track, USA Today and the New York Times. Brenda's business has been highlighted in Newsweek, Motor Trend, Sports Car International, and various domestic and international newspapers, and her pictures have appeared in various books - from automotive interests to textbooks, and even encyclopedias.

    "...the rising star of auto     paparazzi."

          - Newsweek